Boris Sarikov has been working for the revival of the unique art tradition – the Thracian toreutics since 1989. He has 8 years of research in the area of the antique metal craftsmanship on gold and silver. Sarikov is sculptor and interior designer with more than 20 years of experience in different styles, techniques, and many different materials like steel, copper, gold, silver, bronze, brass, different sorts of stone, wood, clay, plaster, wax and more. He has good knowledge of art bronze casting. The area of interior design is a big interest to him, especially the doors, because they are a very important architectural detail as he said. The custom art doors in metal and stained glass are a distinctive feature in his personal ideas in the design of art works. His concept in the interior design is closer to the fine arts, than the standart decoration. He uses the best techniques from Antiquity through the Renaissance and up to the Modern art. His works are possessions of the Belgian royal family and private collectors from Paris, New York, Zurich, Munich, Osaka, etc.

"When you are creating a sculpture, It's key to know when to stop"